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Closing, but...

After much consideration and thought, I am finally deciding once and for all to close this blog.

But, I am not giving up on blogging! Nor on To'An - I'm just moving my blogging efforts to another page!

On that page (CSS by yours truly), there will be blogging, articles on various topics (especially since finding posts here is so difficult), a forum, and all manner of magical and divinatory goodness.

Eventually, anyway - there's a lot of information to sort through and post. But it is started. You can join the site with a login (it's free, safe, and supports a fantastic community - and comes with your own free wikis). For the next month or so, though, feel free to let me know what you think here. I'm excited about the move, and looking forward to being able to blog about some niggly bit of lore or practice and then be able to have reciprocal links to an article on the same subject.
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Still not sure. The reading, which I may post soon no promises), said to keep blogging, but I'm just so swamped at the moment, I don't usually have the energy to do so.
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Thank you all for your comments. I swear I've not been ignoring you - just busy as hell and thinking. I'm going to do a reading in a day or ... well, whenever I get a chance, really. REALLY busy at the moment.  I'll post it, so you can see what it said, my thought process, etc. Thanks again.
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Where It's At

Yes, it's been more than a month. That should tell you where I'm at. Specifically, I'm not here. I've been working on my website ( is awesome). I've been reading and exploring. But I haven't been posting here, obviously.

Partly, that's because what I want to accomplish isn't something I can do here, particularly because I feel all sorts of obligations about what I should say. It's not your fault, but it happens anyway. I feel like I should address all sorts of things that I'm not necessarily ready to address. That if I'm not compassionate and tolerant, then I'm not spiritual. Craziness, I  know, bot I'm not ready to explain exactly why that's craziness. My job with library, just shelving at the moment, has highlighted my shortcomings, as well as what I want from the world at large, and I've discovered that there's plenty for me to do in the meantime - this blog isn't necessarily one of them. I've proven that I can write for a year + , and now it's time to prove that I can teach.

Now, if any of you seriously think that I can teach here, and can make a good case, say so. Otherwise, it's all about what I can do in the real world, and not in the virtual. I'll be working in the real world, not here.
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Taking a Break

I haven't been able to keep up with a regular posting schedule for a month or so now, and I'm not happy about it so much. Rather than just leave with no notice, I'm letting you readers that are still around that I'm going to take a break. My library job is not conducive to me posting, because of the hours, and my attention has been elsewhere (Taalen, actually - got new software for my new computer, that is awesome!). So, I'll post back in a month or so, and let you all know what's up.
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Compared to Wicca...

I've been thinking lately about how To'An compares with other traditions, particularly in regards to how it does or doesn't support community. Basically, I've been wondering how you have a To'An clan, and how that works. Wicca, as one of the most prominent Pagan traditions, is an obvious comparison.

With the caveat that nothing is absolute in Wicca, my experience has been that covens are generally focused on teaching or exploration. The path walked by these groups is rarely purely, or even mostly, devotional, but almost entirely mental. There's rarely very much emphasis on physical or practical matters - it's entirely an inner journey.

There's nothing wrong with that - To'An goes there pretty easily too. And to begin, because animism isn't terribly common or well-understood in America, any clan will start out as a learning group. And learning will always be an ongoing concern. The main difference, as I see it, is that To'An has an emphasis on the Three Paths, Head, Heart, and Hand.

Wicca, and early To'An clans, will be primarily Head-focused, as the ideas and lore are imparted. Wicca tends to stay there, with rites remaining as internal exercises. There is some Heart there, though - honoring the Gods/Spirits are regular parts of rites, but there needs to be a greater focus. It needs to be a conscious point, a rite specifically to honor and nothing else. And there definitely needs to be some practical work, the Hand. Not just work for the people or community that happens thanks to ritual, but effort specifically in a practical sphere. The Pagan Pride Day, and those involved in organizing such events, are definitely working along the Hand, but I find that many groups go there rarely, and it needs to be a regular focus.

So, if I were to start a To'An clan tomorrow, I think right from the start I'd introduce these ideas of the Paths, and make a point of alternating between them. There would be a regular rotation between focuses, between gratitude, memory, and deed. I think any Pagan would be well advised to take these Paths into account for their own practice.

I'm not going to include births, deaths, and events after all - just takes too long.

May 24
No significant holidays

May 25
- Geek Pride Day (including Star Wars Day, though that's better observe on May the Fourth (be with you) )
- National Missing Children's Day
- National Tap Dance Day
- Towel Day, for fans of Douglas Adams

May 26
- National Paper Airplane Day

May 27
No significant holidays

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Oy! I'm gonna try to get back in the swing of things

I know, it's been a couple weeks since I posted, and even my "I'm not posing today" updates have been really irregular. That cold knocked me on my butt (almost over it now), and then I was focused on other things. Offline studies and such. But I'm going to try to get back into it, slowly.

Today, for example, is going to be about something I've been meaning to do and thinking about for ages. In an effort to help people build their own sacred calendars, I thought I'd point out the day/week's holidays. National Moose week, Feast of St. Garibaldo, Patron Saint of Kazoo Makers, and such like. As it's mostly Americans reading this, and To' An is an American Animist tradition, I'm going to stick to American or global holidays, not Navy Day in Chile (which today is, incidentally). I'll try to provide details for a day or 3 in advance.

May 21
- Nothing much for today

May 22 
- Wright Brothers are granted the patent for their Flying Machine (1906), an important day for pilots and aviation buffs
- Aer Lingus is founded (1936), another aviation landmark, and Celtic too
- PacMan is released (1980) - if you're a video gamer....
- Robert Asprin died (2008), an American author known for his MythAdventures series
- Harvey Milk Day, because it's his birthday, a good day to add to your calendar if you're LBGTQ and interested in politics
- International Biological Diversity Day
- National Maritime Day, for those in the maritime services, or with significant links

May 23
- Netherlands declare independence from Spain (1568), perhaps important to those with Dutch ancestry
- South Carolina becomes the 8th US state (1788)
- Sgt. William Harvey Carney becomes the first African-American to receive the Medal of Honor (1900)
- Linnaeus is born (1707), father of the modern taxonomic system
- Captain Kidd, Scottish pirate, was executed (1701) - relevant to those with a Piratical predilection
- World Turtle Day, a great holiday for those of you with strong ties to turtles and the sea

And since I haven't done it yet:

- Heritage Month for: South Asian, Asian Pacific, Jewish American
- Mental Health Awareness Month
- National Military Appreciation Month
- Skin Cancer Awareness Month
- Older Americans Month
- National Moving Month, in honor of moving home
and the best for last:
- Zombie Awareness Month

So there you go - some things to think about for your sacred calendar.